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It is one of the great privileges of my life to have the opportunity to represent the 28th Legislative District, where I was raised by a single mom. It is also where my wife, Laurie, and I raised our two sons. Serving the people of this district is how I hope to give back to the community we love so much. Please remember I work for you. My door is always open to your ideas and comments and you can call me on my cell 253-312-1688.

We will face some challenges with the state budget, but we can solve them if we work together in good faith. Good ideas are non-partisan. The best solutions for the people of Washington will often be bi-partisan. I promise to work with anyone I can to make our state better.

As your state senator, my focus will be:

  • Maintaining a strong education system that supports great teachers and promotes innovative learning;
  • Ensuring a vibrant private-sector job market to strengthen our economy;
  • Addressing our transportation system, particularly major choke points; and
  • Updating public safety laws to better protect citizens.

Having two sons in the United States Army, I will actively engage our service men and women. They and their families are sacrificing so much for us and I want to do everything I can to help them when they return from deployment and to support the families.

This Web site is full of information on the work being done on your behalf. I encourage you to call, e-mail, write or visit me to share your thoughts on ways we can keep our communities strong.

Steve O’Ban, State Senator
28th District
(R – Pierce County)

Latest News

Senate approves ‘Aiden’s Act’ Senate approves ‘Aiden’s Act’
Sen. Steve O’Ban’s effort to bring about swifter intervention in cases of suspected child abuse was approved Thursday by the Senate. Senate Bill 5888, known as “Aiden’s Act,” is named for Aiden Barnum, a Port Orchard child who was severely abused, twice, during infancy and is now permanently disabled, due...
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Sen. O’Ban’s E-newsletter – March 5, 2015 Sen. O’Ban’s E-newsletter – March 5, 2015
Legislative Update – March 5, 2015 Friends and Neighbors, We are about at the halfway point in the 2015 legislative session. I have many bills that are still making their way through the process that would increase accountability and protect our state’s most vulnerable; please see the link below. I...
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Senate approves O’Ban mental-health reform bills Senate approves O’Ban mental-health reform bills
The Senate dedicated Wednesday afternoon to addressing reforms to the state’s mental-health system. Sen. Steve O’Ban, chair of the Senate Human Services, Mental Health, and Housing Committee has been working to change the way the state delivers essential services and provides mental he-lth treatment. With strong bipartisan support the Senate...
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‘Joel’s Law’ voted out of Senate ‘Joel’s Law’ voted out of Senate
The Senate approved Senate Bill 5269, known as ‘Joel’s Law’ with strong bipartisan support. The law is named for Joel Reuter, a severely mentally-ill man who was shot and killed by police in Seattle in July 2013. Sponsor of the bill, Senator Steve O’Ban, chair of the Senate Human Services,...
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