Benefits of the 2015 US Open

U.S. Open - Round FourAs you are no dobut aware, professional golf’s US Open will be held at Chambers Bay golf course in 2015. Athletes from all over the world will descend on Pierce County for the highly-publicized event, and I want to make sure we have every opportunity to take full advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime event.

I’ve introduced Senate Bill 6188, which would dedicate a portion of state sales tax revenues derived from “certain short-term major public events” (i.e. the US Open) for county economic development use. It would basically allow Pierce County to get a bigger slice of the state sales tax pie if the event brings in two million more than the average of the previous three years.

The state would then provide 40 percent of the state sales tax revenue in excess of the three-year average for a one-time disbursement to the economic development account of an eligible county…in this case, Pierce County.

SB 6188 had a public hearing in the Senate Committee on Trade & Economic Development this morning, and I’ll keep you posted on its progress as session continues.