Computer hacking bill unanimously approved by Senate

20140305_LegWA_0307ksSen. Steve O’Ban introduced Senate Bill 5106 to address growing concerns over privacy in the internet age. O’Ban’ s bill would create a civil action for unauthorized remote access of webcams similar to current federal law.

“This is a needed bill to combat nefarious cyber activities that can have serious negative impacts on peoples’ lives,” O’Ban said. “In the digital age, we need to protect privacy and ensure that our legal system is keeping up with technology. Victims of this type of voyeurism now have recourse to recover financial damages that may result from unscrupulous hackers.”

It is already illegal to intentionally access a computer network or database without authorization with criminal offenses ranging from a class C felony to a gross misdemeanor. This law would give victims an additional avenue for restitution.

The bill now goes to the House for consideration.