Exciting progress on basic education funding

Big changes in basic education funding

We’ve reversed the long-term trend that was reducing the priority of education funding. In the past, most revenue increases went toward general government expenses, now two-thirds of new revenue growth has been allocated to education.  By doing so we have boosted K-12 spending to the highest level in 30 years—it’s now 47 percent of the budget!  We also fully funded class size reduction in grades K-3 — precisely when research shows it will do the most good– and we launched a multi-year classroom construction program for its implementation.


Kids that learn best in Charter Schools were not left behind

Hundreds of kids who were not served well by traditional schools found themselves in danger of losing their charter schools this year after an unfortunate decision by the State Supreme Court. We made sure that funding was obtained for these public charter schools so that these kids could continue to find success in the environment that best served their needs.