Funding our mental health system

We’ve increased funding for the state mental health system by 23 percent since the 2013-15 biennium. This includes more than $57 million to help reduce single bed certifications, $49.6 million for increased community evaluation and treatment beds and $7.6 million for a 30 bed civil commitment ward at Western State Hospital.

The budget also contained an increase of $40.9 million in total funds to meet timely completion of competency evaluation and restoration services for in-custody defendants and an increase of $9.4 million in general state funds to improve safety at both Eastern and Western State Hospitals. The supplemental budget increased funding for the public mental health system by $51.4 million over the amount originally appropriated for the biennium, including $6.8 million to increase the total number of nurses on day and evening shifts at Western State.

We are making progress on improving our mental health system and have made it a priority for public safety and to improve the care of those who cannot care for themselves.