Giving you more options for health care

On Tuesday this week, I held a news conference to talk about Senate Bill 6464 while surrounded by citizens who have either been forced off their health-care plan by the Affordable Care Act or can’t find a new plan that they can afford (you can watch video of the news conference by clicking this link). In fact, millions of Americas have lost health-care plans that worked for them since the passage of Obamacare. Here in Washington about 300,000 people lost their insurance coverage and many are struggling to find replacement health insurance that they can afford.

Senate Bill 6464 would allow Washington residents far more affordable choices by allowing them to obtain plans available in other states. If we can purchase other products and services from a nearly unlimited list of suppliers in other states (making them compete for our business), why not health care coverage? My bill gives people more choices so they don’t have to choose between paying for health care or their mortgage.

My bill was approved by the Senate Health Care Committee yesterday and has been referred to the Senate Ways and Means Committee for review.