Governor signs O’Ban human-trafficking bill

Measure supports new training for law enforcement to protect vulnerable populations

Gov. Jay Inslee signed Senate Bill 5933 Friday, sponsored by Sen. Steve O’Ban. The new law establishes a statewide training program for those who work on the front line to combat human trafficking.

“This law is a needed tool for law enforcement to deal with a serious issue,” said O’Ban, R-Pierce County. “Those working on the front lines combating human trafficking don’t always have the most current information or training to deal with this complex and sometimes misunderstood problem. We need an effective program to train those tackling this so that vulnerable people can get the help they need.”

The law directs the state Office of Crime Victims Advocacy to report to the Legislature on the effectiveness of training programs in addition to implementing statewide training for law enforcement, prosecutors and other criminal-justice personnel.

“This bill is the perfect follow-up to ensure the implementation of the strong anti-human trafficking laws in Washington state,” said Rose Gundersen, co-founder and executive director of Washington Engage.