Help me stop the release of three violent sex offenders 

Dear Neighbor,

I recently discovered that the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) plans to release three violent Level 3 sex offenders from McNeil Island into the community of Lakewood. I am especially concerned about the release of these offenders into this area as they are not originally from Pierce County.

Earlier this month, I sent a letter to Gov. Jay Inslee urging him to stop the release of these individuals into our region and instead, consider transferring them to enhanced service facilities outside of Pierce County.

All three have committed violent acts, including murder of an 11-year-old child, child rape and communication with a minor for immoral purposes.

Please help me stop these individuals from being released into our community. Contact your local leaders and urge them to request that the governor stop the release of these dangerous sex offenders into Pierce County and instead into appropriate, secure facilities in the counties where they committed their crimes.

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