Tuition cuts for moms, dads, & their grads

Tuition cuts in Washington buck a national trend

We proved that more taxes were not required to reduce college tuition or improve education funding. Our budget funded a second round of tuition cuts for Washington state colleges and universities. No other state in the nation has seen tuition costs go down, meaning Washington is the leading example to making higher education more affordable and opportunity for the younger generation more accessible.   For the UW and WSU, students will see an additional 10 percent tuition reduction in the upcoming school year.  For students at all other four-year state colleges, students will see an additional 15 percent tuition cut.   This is in addition to a 5 percent tuition cut we enacted for the 2015/2016 school year.  That means while other states are seeing tuition skyrocket, our students and their parents have seen tuition cuts of 20 percent!