O’Ban still seeking answers from the governor on WSP felony checks

Sen. O’Ban originally sent a letter to Gov. Inslee on Feb. 17 regarding an incident in which a WSP officer contacted federal immigration authorities after a routine license check revealed the holder to be a previously deported drug felon. The WSP launched an administrative review of the officer, which led Sen. O’Ban to ask Gov. Inslee whether he thought it appropriate for officers to seek more information on felonies revealed through routine license checks. While some questions have been answered through the media, the governor’s office has yet to respond to O’Ban’s questions.

Senate leaders and fellow members of the Law and Justice Committee joined O’Ban in signing a third letter sent to Gov. Inslee this afternoon. The letter asks the governor to clarify his position on the policies of the WSP when it comes to officers interacting with undocumented individuals who also have criminal felony records.

“The issues I’ve been raising are concerns that were also raised by President Obama,” O’Ban explained. “President Obama recognized the need to deport criminal felons in the interest of public safety, but in this state, we are investigating an officer for checking on a felon’s record. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Third O’Ban letter to Gov Inslee re WSP