Second week of session begins with the annual March for Life rally in Olympia

March for Life Rally at the Capitol in Olympia January 21, 2014We’ve now completed the second week of the 2014 legislative session in Olympia and things are moving along a a rapid pace. Because we only have 60 days to work this year, my bills are being heard almost daily in various committees. I’m also meeting throughout the day with my constituents and other interested parties to discuss important issues.

One of the highlights of the past week was the annual March for Life celebration. It was another record attendance this year, which reflects the growing support for reasonable protections of the unborn in recent major polls. One bill related to abortion that I am concerned about would force employers such as churches, synagogues and other religious nonprofit organizations to pay for abortions. I’m keeping a close eye on that bill and will let you know if it makes any progress.