Special Session E-News Update & Veteran Thank You


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

On Tuesday, Gov. Inslee called the Legislature into session to pass tax breaks and other incentives in hopes of securing future manufacturing work for Boeing’s new 777X aircraft. On Thursday, the third special session of 2013 began and by Saturday afternoon we had reached agreement and concluded our work. See below for more details.


I am pleased with the two measures passed by the Legislature on Saturday, which will give Boeing greater incentive to produce its new 777X aircraft in Washington.

The Legislature overwhelmingly supported the passage of this legislation. The impact of Boeing locating its new 777X production in Washington is far beyond the thousands of machinist jobs it will protect or create. There will be an economic ripple effect that will greatly benefit numerous subcontractors and many other smaller businesses across the state.

If the machinist union approves its contract with Boeing, Boeing is committed to building the 777X in the Puget Sound region. Obviously, this is a decision for each machinist to make for himself or herself. However, if they approve the contract, the Puget Sound will become the epicenter for airliner design, particularly the new composite wing, in the United States.

I will continue to keep you updated as details unfold.


Thank you, veterans, for your brave and selfless service to our country.

I am attending a service at the War Memorial Park in Tacoma at 11 a.m. and I invite you to join me as we pay honor and respect to those who have served in our armed forces.

If you are a family member to a veteran, I thank you for all the support you give your spouse, parent, child or other loved one. If you are not a veteran, please remember our military personnel on Veterans Day. I encourage you to consider going to a Veterans Day parade to show your support; or simply wave an American flag on the Freedom Bridge. Even a simple thank you goes a long way to let our veterans know they are appreciated and remembered.

It’s an honor to represent the 28th Legislative District – home to Washington’s Joint Base Lewis-McChord and thousands of veterans, both active and retired. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.


Senator Steve O’Ban