Special Session Update

You may have heard by now that the legislature has been called into a special session.  What you may not have heard is why we’re in a special session.

The Senate Majority Coalition Caucus (MCC) and the House Democrats have a fundamentally different view on taxes. I stand with the MCC in trying to craft a budget that forces us to live within our means.  We’ve prioritized education where we’ve allocated the lion’s share of revenue growth.  We’ve also boosted our mental health system and preserved our rainy day fund.

The House Democrats are seeking to use the rainy day fund to spend on new programs.  Of course, once you spend that money it’s gone, so in the NEXT budget, we’d have to find new taxes to pay for the continuance of those same programs. That’s the “spend-more, tax more” approach of the past. PLUS, we wouldn’t have a rainy day fund in case of a natural disaster or an economic recession.

I believe taxes are a last resort, not the first response, and that responsible budgeting means not using one-time revenue for ongoing expenses.  We’re trying to negotiate an agreement with the House Democrats and the Governor that doesn’t violate those principles.