State funds for Tacoma-led project will create needed Quiet Zones at two railroad crossings

O’Ban requests included in budget to increase safety and reduce train noise pollution in local residential neighborhoods.

OLYMPIA…Residents of West Tacoma neighborhoods and the tens of thousands who frequent regional Titlow Park will cheer the new Quiet Zones now fully funded by the Legislature to be installed at two railroad crossings. The upgrades received the necessary additional funding from the state transportation budget in response to a request from Sen. Steve O’Ban, R-Pierce County. Once completed, Quiet Zones are federally certified and eliminate the requirement for train engineers to sound their horns as they approach the crossing.

In order to create the two Quiet Zones, the crossings located at 6th Avenue and Titlow, and at South 19th Street, will be re-engineered with the installation of new pedestrian, roadway and rail infrastructure. This includes new BNSF pedestrian and vehicle gates, roadway and sidewalk improvements, and new “Second Train Coming” LED warning signs.

“The Quiet Zones will not only end noise pollution in those areas, but the upgrades in pedestrian and vehicle gates, and other improvements, will make the crossings safer,” explained O’Ban. “These improvements will also make the area of town and the popular Titlow Park more appealing to visitors. The City of Tacoma recently asked area residents their priorities and the top response was train noise reduction.”

The City of Tacoma is taking the lead to re-engineer the projects.