Students can spend a week at the Captiol

Every year the Washington State Senate offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend one week as a Senate page. Through the program students ages 14 through 16 can serve and get a front-row seat to how state government works.

Learning about Washington’s legislative process and our state’s history is an essential part of educating all students. Everyone who completes this program returns home with a newfound understanding of state government and the importance of policy-making at every level.

Requirements to become a Senate page:

  1. Need permission from parent or guardian
  2. Permission and recommendation from your school
  3. Sponsorship by senator
  4. Between 14 and 16 years of age

If you know someone who is interested in applying to serve as a page during the 2016 legislative session, please click here or call 800-562-3000.

If you would like to share the handout shown above with students, teachers or other parents, you can find it online here.