O’Ban and Rossi take aim at Sound Transit fee collection contract

Sound Transit may continue to calculate car tab fees on an inflated valuation schedule, but will they be able to collect them? Sen. Steve O’Ban, R-University Place, and Sen. Dino Rossi, R-Sammamish, have advised the Department of Licensing (DOL) not to renew any contract to collect the fees for Sound Transit until the Legislature has completed their budgetary and policy bills for the 2017 session.

Testimony at a March 6 work session of the Senate Transportation Committee revealed DOL contracts with Sound Transit to collect the fees associated with car tabs. The contracts expire on July 31 of this year. Rossi and O’Ban believe the contracts contain provisions that make them subject to appropriation.

“We already know that Sound Transit could use a real-world valuation of cars to set fees, but they choose not to do it,” Rossi said. “We want to use these contracts as leverage to get them to make a better choice for the people they supposedly serve.”

“The message to Sound Transit should be clear,” said O’Ban. “One way or another we are going to find a way to make this agency responsive to the taxpayers.”

Sen OBan and Sen Rossi letter to DOL re SOUND TRANSIT contracts