O’Ban responds to King County ruling that I-976 is constitutional

OLYMPIA…Sen. Steve O’Ban, R-Pierce County, issued the following statement in response to the ruling handed down by a King County judge that I-976, the initiative known as “$30 car-tabs” is constitutional.


The decision affirms that the title and subject matter of I-976 are constitutional and not an adequate basis on which to overturn the measure. I-976 passed by more than 70 percent in some counties, but was immediately challenged based on the assertion that voters were confused by the title and subject.


O’Ban has been a strong opponent of Sound Transit’s excessive taxes to fund light rail project, known as ST3, which his Legislative District and Pierce Co rejected. O’Ban supports implementing bus rapid transit for Pierce County.


“Voters should feel vindicated by this decision – they were not confused by the title or subject of I-976. But they will still wait more than a year or longer, and may never see car tab relief. If I were in the majority, I’d listen to the people and enact I-976 now. I sure wouldn’t be telling them their wishes don’t matter, which is exactly what Senate Bill 6066 does. And that is unacceptable. We work for the people. We shouldn’t be undermining their clearly expressed will.”