Senate passes O’Ban amendment restricting violent offenders in adult family homes

OLYMPIA…..Sen. Steve O’Ban released the following statement after the Washington State Senate today passed House Bill 1023, which allows adult family homes to increase their bed capacity. The bill contained a key amendment sponsored by O’Ban that restricted the placement of violent offenders.

“Not only am I happy that this bill will create more room for patients in community-based facilities, I’m also very pleased that the Senate passed my amendment that sets a precedent that adult family homes are not an appropriate place to house people with a violent history.

Senate Bill 5038, which I sponsored this session, addressed this issue. At a press conference earlier this session, Freedom Nitschke, the daughter of a man killed in an adult family home in Lakewood when a resident with a violent history attacked him, graciously shared her father’s story and her passion for preventing anything like it from happening again.

“Unfortunately, SB 5038 did not pass the Senate. But with my amendment to House Bill 1023, adult family homes will not be able to expand their capacity if they house people who have been committed to a state hospital after committing a violent felony or have been committed as a sexually violent predator.

“Hopefully, the House will concur and the bill will head to the governor’s desk for a signature and then become law.”