My video series continues: Will the tax increase on doctors and other small business owners make it harder for low-income patients to access care?

Dear friends and neighbors,

Welcome back to my video series exploring how an upcoming 20-percent increase in the Business and Occupation Tax (B&O) will impact your family, including access to your health care.

In an effort to prepare you for what’s coming, I met with several business owners and employees who will be directly affected by this tax boost. First, I focused on health care.

You might remember Dr. Teresa Girolami and Dr. Brianna Label from my last newsletter. I also sat down to talk with physicians Dr. Chelsea Unruh and Dr. Sung-Won Kim.

It’s clear they simply can’t cover their overhead when their costs keep going up. Unlike most businesses which can pass their costs on to consumers, they can’t raise prices because they are limited by contracted fees with insurance providers. And, they already lose money on every adult Medicaid patient they see because the reimbursements don’t cover the cost of treatment.

As a result, many will limit the number of new adult Medicaid patients, the coverage for low income Americans.

“With increasing taxes…it will become nearly impossible for [independent doctors] to stay in practice and accept, without restriction, Medicaid patients.” – Dr. Label

Click below to view the one-minute video shorts from my conversations, where I ask:

Will the tax increase on doctors and other small business owners

make it harder for low income patients to access care?


We should be increasing access to care for everyone,  especially the poor, yet the big tax increase on business does the opposite.

Join me again next week and watch the effects the business tax increase will have on your family. Feel free to share this newsletter.


Sen. Steve O’Ban

Watch the full interviews:
Dr. Teresa Girolami and Dr. Brianna Label
Dr. Chelsea Unruh and Dr. Sung-Won Kim

What is Real ID and what does it mean for you?

You may have heard recently about Real ID and federal travel requirements. What is Real ID? Do you have to comply? How will it affect your ability to travel in 2020?

The Washington State Department of Licensing has created some very helpful materials to explain everything about the new law requiring Real ID compliant documents. Check out their website.

You can also watch their videos, which answer all the questions you might have.

Real ID takes effect October 1, 2020.